[TIPS] Lessons Learned From Writing Social Media Copies

by Faith Janine Gordillo

Writing a social media copy is as essential as writing a blog content. One simple mistake in your social media copy might lose you a potential client. This is why your social media copies shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Social media copies are simply the status update you write on your social media accounts. It is written or posted for the purpose of persuading existing and potential customers to purchase a product, a service or adopt a specific belief or idea. 

Selling online is just as difficult as selling offline. You’ve got lots of competitors, and they are all getting noisy in selling their business to customers. In social media, you need to stand out (through your social media copies) or else you’ll be left behind.

You need to convince them why they should buy your product through your social media copies. If your copies aren’t that appealing to your customers, they wouldn’t buy your products.

This is a screen shot of one of The Memoriter's social media copies on Facebook. You can check how the social media copy is made.

Writing social media copies is not easy. As I started my job as a social media manager, I found it harder than I’ve thought. I used to stare in front of my computer thinking how should I start my job.

Landing on my first job was quite challenging to me.  There were times I’d spent three to five hours staying on my computer to do my job. My head would be aching because I don’t have any idea on what to do. To give you a glimpse of the hardships I am talking about, I will share to you the most common difficulties I have encountered when writing a social media copy. This is not to scare you, but to let you see and learn.  


I admit I do not have a perfect grammar, although I can write well in English. So, when I started my job, I usually have errors in my grammar. Inappropriate usage of punctuation, incorrect tenses and pronouns—these were my grammar mistakes.

How did I overcome it?

Before people get to see my copies online, I would  have it checked by my boss, and she would correct my mistakes. She would let me see my original copy and the corrected ones to let me compare and learn from it next time.  

Aside from that, I also do my best to improve by studying grammar.


When you share content from other sources you need to tag them and cite them as your sources. If it is not originally yours, you need to tell your customers where you took it. But at first, I kept forgetting  to tag my sources and simply write my copy and post it online.

How did I overcome it?

At first, my boss would always remind me of properly tagging my sources in my copies. I do not know the social media accounts of my sources back then, so posting my copies online gave me an extra hassle because I have to find my sources’ account first so I could tag them properly. And for me to avoid consuming too much time, I memorized my sources’ accounts so I could just easily tag them and post my copy faster.

Writer’s block

I have encountered this many times. I need to write a compelling status for our clients’ customers to click on our content, but sometimes  my mind wouldn’t cooperate with me. So, I always ended up staring at my computer, thinking of how to write my copy in a way that it will catch my customers’ attention.

This is Faith Janine Gordillo. She used to be The Memoriter's communications assistant for social media. She handled clients' different social media accounts.
How did I overcome it?

I study other accounts and see how they write their social media copies. I imitate what they do.  Until now, I still observe other accounts so I could write compelling copies and help our clients gain more followers.

In addition, aside from having a compelling content, you need to have a good consistent voice in your social media copy that resonates your client’s personality.

Grabbing netizens’ attention is not that easy. By screaming “you need to click this” is not enough. They need to know what they will get if they click your content. What’s in it for them? If you have a good content but your copy or your status is not enough to grab the netizens’ attention, it will only be ignored.

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