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press release
by Daryl Kate Dizon

What better way to create noise for your company than building a better name for it with the help of a press release?

When a company starts, no one knows of it yet. But on its launching, there’s one thing that can best speak of your company. It is something that would give details on how different one’s company is from others - these are called press releases.

Press releases are not just mere articles that give details about your company, it is more than that. These press releases, or often coined as press release, could be your company’s knight and shining armor - it is there to help you out in whatever endeavors may come around

Just like a good old friend who speaks nothing but flowery and meaningful words about you, press releases create a better image for your company. Hence, a PR is the best friend your company could ever have. A single press release could create a raging impact for your company and it costs not that much or more so, it comes for free.

press release
This is a press release of June Luna's released books on sprituality. (Taken from

An effective press release may be known once you can see a battalion of customers racing to get your company’s products and services or through the many feedbacks one company may receive. And so with all that has been mentioned above, one can surely tell how a company with press release is.

Press release: The company’s force within

Think about it, more than 80 million people are reading the news. Even if only 0.1% people will get to read your press release, there is still a higher chance that the person reading your press release will buy the service or product you are selling.

There are actually a lot of potential customers out there, so write a press release that is worth reading and make use of it to echo your brand promise to a pool of potential customers.

A press release has the force which awakens one’s company and captivates audiences. Thus, a company that has a press release gets a lot of perks:

A non-paid advertisement for your company

Advertisements are one way to boost up your company’s image. Through  it, you are selling your products - whether it may be through traditional or nontraditional media. But a single advertisement costs a lot. Other companies pay a 30-seconder ad on TV for such an overwhelming price and it ain’t even a guarantee that people won’t change channels the moment your ad is shown. Not to mention, for a company that pays for an advertisement, they need to hire advertising agencies, advertising suppliers, researchers and the likes.

The difference between advertisements and press releases, other than the price a company pays for is that a PR goes beyond telling the audience to buy your products. It tells that your company is a reliable one to which audiences can guarantee that your products are all for their best. If not, your company is worthless.  

A press release is fairly inexpensive. Sometimes, it even goes for free. For most companies, they write their own Press releases, others hire a press release agency but for a reasonable price of course. These PRs don’t just sell your products and services, rather it gives your company a better image. Which company would not want a PR knowing that for a cheaper cost, one’s company gets the greatest benefits?

Your company before any other companies

In a world where competition is great, it is necessary for companies to come before others in the minds of your audiences. Thus, getting their attention more requires consistent effort. Having a press release, is one of the best efforts a company can do to keep their companies visible to their audiences.

The thing about a press release for your company is that it is where consumers can find what they can get from your company, what your company is and why they should consider your company more. A good press release sets your company apart from all the other companies - thus, it gives an your company an edge.

Imagine how a new company surpasses an already known company with products and services satisfying consumers for too long.  A good advertisement is one way that makes the startup boom, however, with an effect press release, your consumers have found a new haven for their satisfaction and a company they can rely on.

You’re an expert in the industry you’re in

A press release, as mentioned above, goes beyond just selling your products and services. With a high quality written press release, a company is able to show your audiences that you are an expert in the industry you’re in.

With such, you give your audiences the confidence that they can trust your company and that with your company, nothing will go wrong because you are completely aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your company and even of the opportunities there are for  your company.

A PR establishes a good branding of your company. In addition, it aids in building connections with the media because some medium, when writing articles, always look upon a model or a source. And with a well-written press release, your company may be one of the best company examples a public magazine may feature.

Good Press release for wider audiences

A good press release don’t just stop on one published article. Once the audience find it good, it will be reposted over and over all throughout the mainstream and the next thing marketers would see as they blink, more people have been talking about your company.

When a company launches something or holds an event, their technique is to target local media outlets and once their press releases are published, your PR will get the 99% chance that a major media outlet would notice your press releases and might  give it a space on their publications or shows.

This is actually the reason a company must ensure that their press releases are written with high quality content. And that’s because they wouldn’t really know how far it may reach and how success is coming near the company with just a single press release.

A better network for investors

In case you have not known yet, investors keep up with news too. With your press release, an investor may realize how much they need your company - a company that is sustainable and reliable.  

Most investors check on the news because they know a lot of business opportunities await for them in every page of it. And press releases, are the best and simplest ways to indirectly talk to your possible investors and make business proposals.

Usually, your press releases would show your company’s corporate profile and by efficiently writing one press release, millions of opportunities will come knocking before your company’s door. Your press release therefore, builds a bridge between you and your potential investors - it links both of you to a possible better business venture.

But a press release with a low quality content is lifeless. Thus, a company should think it over. There are a lot of things a company should prepare for to keep their company on top. But one of the most helpful things for them, is to have a top notch quality content for PR - and that comes when hiring professional writers which will ensure a great service for your company.

The Memoriter Writing Service is a duly registered service provider that knows the value of great content and one of the many services we offer are well written press releases.

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