[Review] Why Writers At The Memoriter Love Canva

The Memoriter, Canva
by Mary Mae Edgilez Yburan

For storytelling to be effective, thoughts must be represented with beautifully crafted words. But as the world continues to grow visually, tapping the mind and heart with words alone is already not enough.

We need to craft a story that evokes the senses without using too much words. This is when visual images come in the picture.

Today, we crave for visual images as much as we crave for pizza and spaghetti. But people nowadays don’t just simply consume food (visual images) just because we told them it’s delicious. Part of serving great food is great presentation.

We don’t have to be a trained chef to learn the art of presenting food as much as we don’t have to be a trained graphics designer to effectively translate our words into visually appealing images because we have Canva and of course, our creative juices.

We, at The Memoriter, have been best friends with Canva for a quite long time now. From creating our thought-and feelings-evoking #ThinYarns and 
#WorkWeekIn5Words to conceptualizing great presentations without paying big amounts for editing softwares and saving ourselves from consuming all our time designing and editing images.

Canva, visual image
These are our #WorkWeekin5Words. We used Canva to repackage it into a visual image.

What and who is Canva?

Canva is an amazingly simple graphic design software which lets you design visual images like a pro.

What are its features that amaze us?

It has a simple drag-and-drop feature.

With Canva’s drag-and-drop feature, we don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create a professional-looking and stunning graphics.   

Because of this user-friendly feature, we could already produce a visually appealing image in less than an hour.

But if you could already master how it is used and have acquainted yourself with its best features, it would just probably take you more or less thirty minutes to finish your design.

It is cost-efficient and it saves you from the where-to-start and what-to-do dilemma. We, at The Memoriter, can attest to that.

Its professional layouts.

Canva has vast array of readily available layouts to choose from. This gives every visual images a clear and consistent look.

But just like any other editing softwares, you could use your own images. You just simply upload it or drag it on the left side of your working canvas.

The Memoriter , Canva
These are the readily available design layouts in Canva.

It has everything you need and is self-explanatory.

Aside from the readily available layouts, it also has millions of stock photographs, shapes, icons, illustrations and vectors. Just simply type what images and designs you need on the search button, and Canva will provide it for you.

Choose from the available images or download your own. Also, you could give your graphic designs a touch of elegance and class by using the readily available photo filters of Canva.

It also has millions of fonts to choose from. This will save you from downloading and creating your own font styles which is time-consuming.

It’s free.

Yes, it is free. The software is free, but there are certain stock images, icons, illustrations and layouts you could buy for $1. But no worries, it is worth it!

These and many more. When it comes to creating appealing visual images,  it is Canva, who The Memoriter trusts. Try it and see for yourself what wonders can Canva do for you.