[TIPS] Your Social Media Copy Matters

social media copy, social media management, writing for social media

by Kristine Jewel Sotto/STC Intern

With social media, gone are the days that auto posting blog posts and creating lazy social media copies is already enough to market and advertise your business and advocacies.

The social media is inherently different. Anyone online can see it all at once in any time of a day, week, month or year.
It is often a challenge between creating something catchy — something that people would be hooked with and won’t forget — and something that is remarkable and wouldn't be forgotten as soon as they turn the page. It is so much more than simply turning up and looking good, that is what a successful social media marketing portrays.

Engage profoundly to your readers and audience, nail your social media copies!

social media copy, social media management, writing for social media
Here is a screenshot of Mega Cebu's Facebook status. See how important the social media copy is.

Here are tips on how to make your blog posts and social media copy an eye-catcher:
Know your target audience and realize what would catch their interests.
Knowing your audience and finding what certain points would they need will establish a good relationship between your social media copy and them. Your followers are the most important people in social media. Building a great relationship with them through hooking them with your posts would be great.

Find interesting articles or topics suited for the taste of your target audience.
Post articles they can engage with. Do not try to waste their time with irrelevant topics. As a content curator, sharing valuable and comprehensive article creator, you become the responsible person for need-to-know news and advice. You start to exhibit you’re a subject matter expert and thought leader. Two exceedingly good tags to have.

Share on your social media page your chosen or created article. Generate audience conversation.
Share the article and create catchy captions or introductions for the article. Stir the audience interests and thirsty thoughts. Add and format comments relevant to each audience and generate conversation. Share favorite insights from the article or create polls and surveys.

Add relevant, informative and catchy images.
Images are often associated with your copy. It adds color to the posts. Most people follow, click and engage on posts that have images that can support the written article. Just make sure to choose the right photo/s. If that copy isn't memorable, or it doesn't resonate with anyone, the post can and often will fail.

Give your copy a voice.

Driven by conversation, engagement, and intelligence, social media is also propelled by smart copy that reflects the voice of your business. Through social media, each business should have a particular voice. A social media voice can be hip, communal, playful, educational, sophisticated, fun, irreverent, inspirational, helpful or a million other adjectives. A smart copy will show the distinctive feature of a business and generate it to look different.

Make sure your posts have correct grammar

There are a lot of Grammar Nazis in the online world now and just a few mistakes can either make or break your business and posts. To have a reputable name, make sure your social media copy is being proofread and edited before posting it online. Right grammar and spelling can attract legit audiences.

Social media copy is a bait. How can you attract more people? Your social media copy should be fun. A copy that isn't fun will simply bore the people and it will become just another mediocre post online. Find time to run through these tips, interact with more social media accounts and you’ll find more people visiting your social media pages. Create an impact on your copy. Have fun and good luck!

If you want to make your social media copies engaging, contact a professional writer today.

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