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The Memoriter Writing Service
by Valentina "Aling" Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

In our previous post, Faith shares her experiences in managing social media accounts and how she manages her responsibilities as a student and part-time communications assistant at The Memoriter.

Now, it’s time to hear Mae’s story.

Who is Mae?

Mae Yburan is the communications specialist of The Memoriter Writing Service. She swims in a pool of words every day because she manages content.

Scroll down to know her thoughts. 

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When did you discover you love writing?

I was in my third grade when I started writing short stories. But it took me a decade to figure out that I liked doing it. I found out that I like writing when I was in my second year in college.

What influenced you to write?

The people I hate and love, nature’s silence, music, and my favorite authors influenced me to write more and more. You see, I always find inspiration to everything I see and experience.  

What was the first piece you have written?

The first piece I wrote was entitled, “The Boy and The Turtle”. I wrote it when I was in my fourth grade. It was about a boy who lost and found his valuable turtle when he started cleaning and picking up the rubbishes in his room. Most of the stories I wrote back then were inspired by the stories I read.

What motivates you to keep on writing?

My thirst for learning and discovering new things for the sake of improving my writing skills motivate me to keep on writing. Even though I have made a lot of mistakes in the articles that I have written, I just kept on writing. Learning is not an overnight process, so I have to be more patient, determined and disciplined.  

What were the top 3 obstacles you’ve faced as a writer?

The top 3 would probably be the writer’s block I experience most of the time. These are the times that I run out of words and ideas to write to the point that I have to browse the internet to look for inspirations. Second would be, meeting deadlines. Before I was hired by The Memoriter, I used to write one article in a span of two to three days. This is why at first, I really had a hard time writing one article for two hours. Third would be, writing different outputs like you have to write blog posts, press releases and flash fiction or by being a flexible writer per se.

The Memoriter Writing Service

How do you cope up with problems?

With determination, patience, effort, and discipline, I can proudly say that I have coped and still am continuing to cope up with the obstacles I’ve faced as a writer.

(If you have been criticized) How do you respond to people who criticized your works?

I do believe that  there are two types of critics in this world: the one who criticizes your work for your improvement or own good (constructive criticism) and the one who doesn’t have anything to do with their lives that they keeps on interrupting yours.

Whenever the former criticizes my work, I wholeheartedly accept whatever his or her comments and corrections are, and make it to the point that I don’t commit the same mistakes twice.

But whenever the latter criticizes my work, I really don’t pay them any of my precious attention. In this envious world, it’s not new anymore. So the best thing I do (and you should do too) is to not mind them but instead learn from them.

Where do you get your ideas from?

I usually get my ideas from the books, articles and blog posts I’ve read. But when I do my flash fictions, it is usually based on my my experiences, observations and other people’s experiences I got to hear.

What do you do if you get writer’s block?

I don’t force myself to write. I usually take a break for a moment by walking around our barangay for like two to three times. You see, this is my way of gathering my thoughts together and finding inspirations as well.

What do you think makes up a good writing?

Good writing teaches people. This is why it’s really important for the writer to extend his or her message clearly to the intended audience.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers?

Don’t stop writing even if others tell you and no one believes in you. Write not because you want to please others, write because that’s what you love doing and that it makes you happy. So, start writing now.

If you want to improve, make rooms for creativity and be open to other people’s advices. Don’t give up on your dreams easily.  Always remember that committing mistakes is part of the learning process. Heads up because you still have a long way to go.

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