[Q&A] Fast Talk With The Memoriter Team

by Valentina "Aling" Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

In our previous post, our managing director, Nancy Cudis-Ucag, taught us how to be a risk taker. She shared that if you want to create a business, just go with it. If you have a concept, carry it out one small step at a time. Do not let it linger in your mind and heart until it becomes a regret. If you have a day job (which she highly recommends before you jump into business), treat it as your training for something bigger. And get a good accountant.

From managing The Memoriter, let’s  go to managing the social media accounts of the clients and learn from the first-hand experiences of Faith Janine Gordillo, our communications assistant for social media.

She takes care of every client’s social media, using her online “green thumb” to grow engagements. 

Scroll down to know her thoughts about managing social media and writing social media copies.

Can you tell us what  it means to manage social media?

It is keeping your social media accounts active and engaging for your online followers. You post anything that should be related to the advocacy of your account. Also, you make your account interactive. You answer relevant comments and messages from your followers. You communicate with them and let them know that you value their thoughts.

When did you start managing social media?

I have been managing social media since I started working in The Memoriter Writing Services. I do not just manage the company’s social media accounts, but also some of our company’s clients. I also write content, such as blog posts and press releases through The Memoriter.

In a rate of 1-10, with 10 as the hardest, how hard is it?

It depends. We have one client that needs to have posts that are timely, which should be from one day or one week before. For this client, I would rate it at seven since it’s hard to find posts that are timely and related to its advocacy.

What were the challenges you encountered in your job?

When managing social media, the hardest part for me is looking for posts that are related to the advocacies of the accounts I handled. Since I am also studying, it is hard to manage my time because almost everyday, I have homeworks, research work or quizzes yet I still have to study for. I think I always lack sleep.

How did you overcome these challenges?

I followed what my boss does, that is, to get sleep as much as I can. If I arrive at home three to five in the afternoon, I try to get some sleep even just for an hour. There are also times that I would be sleeping in front of my laptop. What I would do is to go to sleep and wake up at dawn to continue my work and assignments. When we have free time at school, I always find a place to get some sleep.

Aside from managing social media, do you have any other things you like to do?

Other than sleeping, I love surfing the net. When I am overwhelmed with my work, I would go to Youtube or browse my Facebook. When I am not online, I read books, listen to my favorite songs and dance when no one’s at home or try to write poems or translate Korean songs to English.

How do you manage your time?

I always plan what I will  do for the day. I set goals, like these tasks should all be accomplished on this day. I maximized every second of my time. What’s fascinating is that I always find time for leisure. I do not overwork/overstress my body and mind.

Was there a time when you have to sleep at dawn?

Yes, most of the time.

What is your advice to your younger generations who would want to follow your career?

Always crave for new learning. Don’t be afraid to commit mistakes; it's always inevitable, but learn from them. Do not stay long in front of your computer or skip any meal. Keep your body healthy because you can’t do your work well if you are not well physically and mentally.

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