[Q&A] Fast Talk With The Memoriter Team

by Valentina "Aling" Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

This holiday season, The Memoriter team shares their unique and crazy experiences in writing blog posts and managing clients' websites and social media accounts, how they juggle different responsibilities in a day, and how they cope up with every challenge that comes their way and a few tips on writing, too.

Who is Nancy Cudis-Ucag?

Nancy Cudis-Ucag is a professional writer and blogger. She owns The Memoriter Writing Service, a registered Cebu-based business that writes high-grade content for large companies, small businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

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What made you decide to create a business?

I was an employee for nine years in three reputable companies. My drive to work was always to learn and upgrade myself. Eventually, I realized that I wanted to learn more and beyond the confines of an office. Even field work has become limited. So I resigned to join in my father’s challenging business. Soon after I quit my office job, friends contacted me to help them out, especially in writing and editing. In order to get paid, I have to set up a legitimate business. The Memoriter Writing Service was born. I have been operating and managing it for more than 17 months already.

What is the need that your business offers to satisfy your consumer?

It is a fact that Cebu is home to a lot of freelancers, especially writers. In fact, during my nine-year day job, I was a freelance writer on occasion. After I quit, I discovered the demand for great professional writers coming from big and local companies. And great writing is definitely what I want to offer them.

In creating a business, what were the problems you’ve encountered? How did you solve every problem?

I was once a believer that I can do everything on my own. I did that with The Memoriter and I was successful for a time until health issues kicked in. I was forced to accept that I need help. So I hired two diligent people who are talented and trainable. I have been happy with their performance. Since I have help now, I am able to focus more time on performing client presentations, improving relationships and team management.

How did you manage your time wisely?

I wake early and sleep early. At the first light, I cook, clean and work. At the last light, I cook, clean and work.

What do you do apart from working?

I enjoy reading. I am currently into Helene Wecker’s The Golemn and Djinni. I recently discovered that I can now cook—enjoyably. I want to learn how to transform ground pork and beef into a lot of dishes. I wish I can blog often; I have temporarily stopped since managing a business is the bigger deal. When all will be a bit settled, I want to return to blogging and resume reviewing books and reconnecting with readers online. Also, I teach in college.

Do you have conflicts at home being a business owner?

I wouldn’t say conflicts. Challenges, yes. When I want to meet my team immediately due to some client issues, I can’t because right now, with our physical office still being planned, The Memoriter is temporarily home-based. We resort to using team chat apps. Renting an office space is not an option for now. I am a newly-wed bride and I wish to be at home for the time being, working as much as I can while my cooking pot is boiling with a recently-discovered dish.  

Is it not hard to sustain at the same time manage the business?

It is and it is not. It is hard because I’m a new entrepreneur and I still have a lot to learn. It is not hard because I have been writing since I was six and my past day jobs have trained me to become a better communicator.

Who composes your team?

I have Mae Yburan, my communications assistant for writing and my senior employee who never ceases to amaze me. Next, I have Faith Gordillo, my communications assistant for social media whose stories are endlessly funny. As of this writing, we have our intern Valentina Jakosalem. The Memoriter accepts interns. So far, Valentina is our fourth.

What is your advice to the people who wished to create business?

You know what, when I was a business reporter for a local paper, I almost always ask this question to my sources. Never did I imagine someone asking me this. Advice always vary based on one’s experience. For my part, if you want to create a business, just go with it. If you have a concept, carry it out one small step at a time. Do not let it linger in your mind and heart until it becomes a regret. If you have a day job (which I highly recommend before you jump into business), treat it as your training for something bigger. And get a good accountant.

Are you learning so far?

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