Why Is Monitoring Social Media Channels Important?

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by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern
With the current wave of business we have today, how do you keep up with the trend? Are you still slouching on your couch all day thinking of ways to be with the trend? Well, worry no more because if you are using social media, you’re on the right track.  

Monitoring your social media is crucial. It is crucial because it has become a place where publicity of one’s service or product is free and is accessible to everyone. At the same time, social media has also become an avenue for consumers to voice out their opinion on your service or products. This is where monitoring social media comes in.

Monitoring social media is equivalent to listening to your readers, consumers and target market. If you plan to have a business in social media but do not have any plans to listen to your consumers, there is a big possibility you will not go far. There are many reasons why listening to your consumers is important.

Here are some of it:

Monitoring social media build a rapport

A communication cannot be called a communication unless the two ends are listening and giving a feedback. That is how business in social media runs.

You post an article, your consumers read on and leave a feedback then you reply to his feedback. By that simple step, you are already building a connection.

By that, your consumer will know you care for your market and your consumers. It will make them come back to your site and even become your loyal consumers that will eventually become your ambassadors.

Monitoring social media opens door of opportunities

Through the art of monitoring, you will know the things you need to improve maintain and change. You are able to see the possibilities your business can do. Who knows, your business might be able to do greater impact than what you imagined. You are allowing yourself to open more doors of opportunities.

Monitoring social media allows you to know more

By monitoring social media, you will recognize the content that attracts a lot of readers and demand a huge sharing from your consumers. It allows you to track conversations, identify leads, buyers and even, company ambassadors. Also, you are able to discover new things about your site.

Monitoring social media promotes a good perception of your service

It is important that you maintain a positive image to your consumers and most importantly to other people that will become your consumers. You have to check on your post if the words are properly spelled, if your message is understood by your consumers and if your content entices the people.

Monitoring social media let you multiply your consumers

Monitoring provides great insights and learning chances that could lead you to improve and develop your services. If you listen to your customers’ insights, you will have a big chance of making them stay and making them refer your offers to their friends.

Monitoring social media eradicates negative comments

If your consumer is telling something bad about your service and you’re not listening, you are most likely to lower the numbers of your customers. It is important that you keep track on the comments your customer is posting and what they are saying in the social media about your service. When someone says a bad thing about your service, promptly answer their concern and offer them something satisfying.


Social media monitoring is the road to communicate with millions of people. Monitoring it gives you the information you need and to quickly respond to all crisis in real time.

With the technology we have today, social media monitoring can be achieved and is, in fact, within your reach. Do wait for bigger issues to come before starting to monitor your social media.
What other importance of social media do you have in mind? Share it with us.