[SlideShare] 10 Types Of Content People Would Be Compelled To Click

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by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern
Have you checked your content today? Check it again. Have you wondered why one or two blog posts are not generating traffic?

In content marketing, the content is the boss. But your content would be nothing if it is not what your target wants. Let’s go back to the basics: know your purpose and target audience.

Content marketing is the process of communicating with your readers by constantly creating, curating, publishing and sharing relevant and valued content with the aim to attract and make them stay as a loyal costumer.

But the procedure on how to retain your readers and how to drive them to be your clients and ambassadors depend on your content. Whatever your marketing strategy is, the content should be vital in your strategy.

Why is content marketing important?

It is the content that attracts the people to visit your site. If you can't write a good content, you can’t make them readuntil to the bottom of your site. Keywords are important, yes. But the quality and types of the content is even more important. What’s the use of the keywords when you can’t make the people stay on your site?

What are the types of content that people like?

1. Listicles

According to the analysis of Fractl and BuzzStream, content that gives a list claimed the most social traction with 22.45% out from 100% with 5 other types of content.

List-post is a content that focuses on a specific topic or problem and obviously gives a list of points or solutions. And in every point, there is a brief discussion. It could either be fun or serious, depending on your choice.

2. Why-post

Why’s content is a content that provides reasons, answers, purposes out from a particular topic. It provides details to provide or support the conclusion. The reasons are mostly of personal opinion and some are based on facts.

3. Videos

Video content is a content that gives a visual presentation to the people. Your videos can be funny, serious or both. If people like content in the form of an image, how much more in the form of videos?People nowadays love visual that they tend to watch videos than read text-only blog posts to get the information they want.

4. How-to post

How-to content is a content that introduces difficulties and then offers a solution. In every solution, there is discussion on each step to reach the desired result.

5. What-post

What-post is a content that provides further information on a specific topic.

Most people love to get an answer. If you would try to type on the box of the Google search in a public internet café, you will find that majority of the recent search starts with why.
6. Press releases

It is the content that announces newsworthy information.

People would tend to click on the press releases because of the reason that they want to be updated with what is happening around them. Press releases gets click especially if the headline is eye catching.

7. Personal pictures

Personal pictures-post is a content that contains a personal post of the writer or the blogger. The picture either supports the content or just an event that the writer wants to share.

People like it when the writers post their personal pictures. It means that the writer is open and willing to share anything to the readers.

8. Statistics and facts

It is a content that provides a study, analysis or a survey that reveals a statistic status of a particular subject.

People mostly open a statistic content to know the standing or the percentage of a specific subject. The statistics enables the people to rely and trust on your content.

9. Long form content

Although long form content does not get much attention from SEO, it is very attractive to the readers especially if they want to acquire a lot of information.

Just make sure that when you make a long form content, you are making the content conversational. If it gets boring, the readers will eventually click the close button.

10. Entertainment

Entertainment content is understandably a content that aims to entertain the readers through images, videos, stories, memes, and many more.

Most of the readers of this content are those who want to enjoy surfing the net.


Content marketing is one big task. It takes a lot of effort and time. But now you that you know the 10 types of content people would be compelled to click, we hope that this helps you rethink of topics for  content that you are about to write.

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