Tips On How To Make Writing Easy

by Mary Mae Edgilez D. Yburan

You sit down on your chair, facing your monitor. Your computer's cursor blinks endlessly to the white screen. You just don’t have any idea what to write. Maybe it is writer’s block or maybe you are just tired of writing because in the past few days you live and breathe words all day and night. And it becomes more terrifying when your editor keeps on returning your article for revision.

Can you relate to the frustration the persona above is experiencing?


If yes, you are not alone because all of us get our fair share of frustration when it comes to writing. But always remember that writing is part of your life. Whether you are writing for a living or just writing love letters for your loved ones, you are still writing, aren’t you? You can’t get away from writing, so why not enjoy it?

Even if it is terrifying?

Yes, even if it is terrifying.

So to lessen your frustration, we have listed here some writing tips you might find helpful:

Go easy with writing, and start with a working title.

Starting with a working title that will guide you what to write, and give you a peek on the expected product. Don't worry of the title, finalize it after you are done writing because sometimes when you craft a final title first, it will turn out to be a little bit astray from the original plan or title.

For an instance, we at The Memoriter, prepare topic lists or lists of working titles. We find this easier because we get to focus on the hard part which is writing rather than straining ourselves in crafting a title first. We finalize our title after we finalize our article.

Listen to your favorite music while you write.
Listening to your favorite song while writing is not a crime. In fact, music could affect your writing process positively. According to an article, listening to music while writing encourages focus, enhances your mood, promotes inspiration, and encourages you to seek inspiration more.

This tip actually works out well for me. While I am writing, I usually listen to Yiruma’s piano compositions like River Flows in You, Love Me, and Kiss the Rain because it lifts up my mood to write, and I find deafening silence quite distracting.


Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from writing.

Jeff Goins, a blogger and author, said in his first eBook entitled the Writer’s Manifesto that it’s time that you begin writing without worrying if it wouldn’t generate views or engagements. Focus and write because you know it is your passion, and you want to be better. In his blog,, he shared the seven key lessons, he want you to always remember:

  • Writing is simple, but not easy.
  • Before you get a larger audience, you have to get better.
  • Practice makes you better; it’s the repetitions that make it effortless.
  • Until you put your work out there, you’re only screwing around. Write for real.
  • You can’t practice without discipline. Keep showing up and persevering.
  • There will always be resistance; type through it, anyway.
  • Get over your excuses and do the work.
Don’t worry about your first draft.

When you write your first draft, and it turns out to be not that good. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean you are a worst writer. First drafts are meant to generate ideas and to give you some content to shape. If there are errors in your article, changed it in the next process. Instead of feeling discouraged with the bad outcome of your first draft, go on and write.

Writing is easy, isn’t it? As what we frequently say, writing is not an overnight process. Draw inspiration from these tips, and start writing now. Also, don’t let writer’s block stop you from doing so.

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What other writing tips do you have in mind? Share it with us.