Content That Attracts Mobile Users

content marketing
by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

Do you wish for your content to be like a magnet to the majority of the mobile users, but you are having trouble making a content that suits their needs, wants and taste?

Well, if all of your answers to the question above are yes, then you definitely have to read this. 

Have you heard of the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula?

The AIDA is every content marketers’ old buddy. It’s a simple formula designed to grab people’s attention and take them through your content. Not just that because it also leads people to take action on what they’ve read. Some content marketers call it a start to finish approach to writing great content. 

Now, let’s breakdown the AIDA and discuss each thoroughly. 

ATTENTION: Content that stirs emotions.

According to Jonah Berger, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School, practical and useful content that induces high arousal emotions (anger, pain, laughter and so on) get shared the most. 

Most of the people nowadays most likely to “like” and “share” contents that awaken their sleeping emotions and contents that they can relate emotionally. 

Gone are the days when most people only like what is factual and serious. Thus, your content should be more into ringing the emotions of your existing and potential customers.

Here is a statistic chart from Buzzsumo that shows the emotions that make online go viral:

6 percent
6 percent
14 percent
15 percent
Others (e.g. sadness, surprise)
17 percent
17 percent
25 percent
(INTEREST) Content that is different.

Majority of the people nowadays like to know something new. Their curiosity and will for new discovery compel them click on a link that interests them. 

So, research on a topic that is not common to people. A new idea or information in the content would probably compel them to share it to other people. But of course, you have to make certain that the new information is relevant.

(DESIRE) Content that answers the people’s need

Now, this one is very important. Your content must be able to feed the people’s hungry brain and soul. A person would read a content either because he needs it or he finds it interesting. People always long to satisfy their needs.

Because people are using the mobile, most of them hate to scroll down a lot and read a long content. They want something short but relevant. Their time is very precious, especially people who are into business. They don’t need a long piece of content that only makes them invest a lot of their time.

Use the ABC principle for your content: 

“A” is for accurate. Make sure your information is true and your source is reliable.

“B” is for brief. Make your content is brief. Avoid prolonging the agony of their eyes trying to read your whole story.

“C” is for concise. Create a content that is clear and easy to understand. No need for you to add uncommon words. Remember that you are trying to express and not to impress. 

(ACTION) Content that is short and precise.

At the end of your content, add a call for action ( e.g. leave us a comment, like our page, share, or whatever you think that ask for their participation). This is for your readers to feel that their opinions do matter to you. This is also for you to keep track on the number of people who are interested on your content.

In conclusion, creating a content that attracts mobile users is not easy. But anyone can do it if he is willing enough to learn and take the risk. 

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