5 Words You're Probably Misusing

misused words
by Faith Janine Gordillo

There are tons of  words in the English language, and it’s inevitable that at some point you misuse those words unconsciously.

Your credibility depends on how you use your words well. Use it well, and you’ll more likely receive positive feedback. But misuse it, and you’ll be ridiculed. This is why taking extra caution with the words you are going to use is a must. 

Take a look at our short list of words you might have misused.
  • Ironic
We heard this word a lot in movies and in books, and you might think that it means a funny coincidence, but the thefreedictionary.com has defiend it as poignantly contrary to what was expected or intended.

Sample sentence: It was ironic that my group partner was my enemy.
  • Disinterested

Because it has the word “interested” in it, you think that the meaning is opposite? You might probably think that it is another term for uninterested, but it's not. Disinterested means being unbiased while uninterested means not showing interest. Look at the sample sentence of these two words below.

Sample sentence: The teacher is disinterested with her students.
         My brother is uninterested in marrying you.
  • Redundant

This is commonly used thinking that the meaning is being repetitive. Merriam Webster says that redundant is unnecessary or excessive.

Sample sentence: Avoid redundant expressions in your writing.
  • Compelled

People keep using this word thinking the word means to willingly do something, but what you don’t know its true meaning is to be forced to do something, willingly or unwillingly.

Sample sentence: Financial problem compelled her to commit suicide.
  • Ultimate

This word is widely used referring to as “the best,” but it is a Latin word, which means the last in the list of items.

Sample Sentence: Our ultimate destination is South Korea.

Have you misused some of the words mentioned above? Well, now you’ve learned your lesson. Just remember the real meaning of those words, and if you happen to have a friend who misuses these words too, you can correct him and tell him what it really means. 

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