20 Common Misspelled Words To Avoid

by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

Spelling is such a big deal because it greatly affects your identity.

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Yes, you read it right.

With the technology that we have today, a single misspelled word can reach to thousands of people. It can boil hundreds of negative comments and feedbacks from different people, and can even lead them to directly judge you as less expert and your message less valuable. Yeah, that is how cruel it is to have a misspelled word.

While realizing that spelling is such a big deal, we will share to you some of the most common misspelled words. We hope this one helps you avoid spelling them incorrectly.

1.       Misspelled
2.       Unnecessary
3.       Embarrassment
4.       Occasion
5.       Accommodate
6.       Possession

One of the most confusing words to spell are the ‘double letter’ words. The word misspelled itself is commonly misspelled. We sometimes talk to ourselves debating whether the two “R” and “S” in embarrassment look correct or not and same with the word accommodate which has two “C” and “M”. We even pronounce the word to check if two “N” and two “S” in unnecessary and consecutive two “S” in possession sound right or not. We question ourselves if it’s two “C” or two “S” in occasion.

7.       Bureau
8.       Miscellaneous
9.       Maneuver
10.   Guarantee
11.    Conspicuous
12.   Presumptuous
13.   Nauseous
14.   Acquaintance

Other commonly misspelled words are those with vowels in a row. We often exchange “U” with “A” in bureau and “U” with “O” in miscellaneous. In maneuver, people sometimes thought that there is “O” in the word and on the other hand, people forget that in conspicuous and presumptuous there is  “O” in between of two “U”.  Guarantee is also misspelled because “U” and “A” are mostly exchange and people often forget that there are two “E” in the end. Nauseous with the 4 vowels present in one word makes it harder to spell it right.

15.   indispensable
16.   ingenious
17.   pronunciation

Indispensable is commonly spelled indispensible because of its pronunciation. With the thought that genius has no “O”, people also think that ingenious would not have an “O”. Due to the word pronoun with an “O”, people mistakenly spelled pronunciation as pronounciation.

18.   Privilege
19.   Definite
20.   Fiery

These words make it hard to spell it right because of “E” and “I”. Frequently people wound interchange “E” with “I” and vice versa.
With those commonly misspelled words mentioned,we hope you get those words spelled correctly the next time you used it.

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Do you know other words commonly misspelled? Share it with us.