6 Ways To Make Your Content Engaging

by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

As a content marketer, making your content engaging to people is a challenge because with all the content lurking on the internet and on social networking sites, who on earth would want his or her content to end up in the clutter?

Content Marketing
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Engagement is one of the ways to measure if your content is doing well. When your engagements increase, it means that your content is compelling and interesting enough for people not just to click it, but also to read it from beginning to end. In addition, engagements can also increase one’s existing customers and brand ambassadors.

As content marketers, who wouldn’t want their content to be engaging? But the question is, how?

1.       Know who your target audience or customer are.

Have you observed that in every book or movies they have this genre appropriate for a specific group of people? It is because they have chosen a target to which they had intended to make the book or movie for. This is the same with your content. You initially need to know who your targets are. If you don’t know who your targets are, you will be lost. You will end up crossing in a diverse road where you have nowhere specific place to go. When you’ve finally chosen a target consumer, then you can make up a content that perfectly fits their desire and interest. In this way, you are attracting their attention.

2.       Let your existing and potential customers participate.

Audiences nowadays don’t just sit there and clap their hands. They talked back and gave opinion. In making a content you have to make sure the audience can answer or ask questions or can participate in any activity. You have to give their desire to express and to get involved. According to Kate Fairhurst, boosting the audiences to share their stories is effective in capturing people’s real life experiences and building trust. Marketing isn’t just about asking your audience to visit your site and give them information they need, it’s about creating experiences that add value and trust with your consumer.

3.      You get yourself involve in social networking sites.

Today’s generation is digital that everyday about a thousand is opening any networking site. According to the statistics of Statista, as of 2014, more than 1.8 billion internet users have accessed social networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more networking sites are the best place to engage with your consumers. For instance make an announcement in Facebook where people can visibly see, use creative hashtags that attracts or tweet about your site.

4.       Give your existing and potential customers an instant feedback.

Upon reading your content, your audience will surely have something to say. Make sure to provide a space in your site where they can post their comment. Give them a reply as early as possible. It actually makes them see that you are ready to connect with them. It makes them feel that their opinions are valued.

5.      Give what your existing and potential customers need and want.

In marketing you have to make sure that you are not only answering your needs but most importantly you are addressing the needs and desire of your consumers. If your consumers can’t get any information they needed from your site, of course they would eventually click the “x” button. The people are opening sites that can feed them with information they needed and by simply entertaining them while they’re bored.

6.       Make sure your existing and potential customer can relate to your content.

It is also essential that your consumers can relate to what you are offering. The best way to make them relate to your offers is through storytelling. Shannon Kinney said, “Storytelling is effective in marketing because it offers the consumer a chance to feel a personal connection and/or feel that the business is relevant to them - as Kate mentioned. The way to stop people in their tracks is to make it directly relevant to them. Also, it offers that additional layer of brand awareness.”
Engaging people with your content is easy, isn’t it? You just need to pull yourself by the ear and do those strategies. Start engaging people now with your content!

But if you need some help in making your content more engaging, don’t hesitate to contact us at nrcudis@gmail.com.

(with Mary Mae Edgilez D. Yburan)