5 Essentials Of A Quality Content

by Valentina “Aling” Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern
There are many definitions on quality content. People have given it so much meaning that it sometimes confused most of us. But according to Lisa Buyer, author of PR Secrets, quality content is what your audience values as meaningful and relevant. So as a conclusion, it is the audience that says whether your article is relevant or not.

Quality Content
Source: www.pixabay.com

How do you capture the audience with your article? Read on to know how.

High-quality Graphics
People nowadays are more into visual information. They prefer to see images, videos, moving pictures, and infographics rather than plain text. Aside from it attracts the readers, customers and most importantly the marketers, it saves their time. Because of business, people are just passing by the content and it’s the graphics that speaks to them. It is also important that the graphics you are using are in good quality. It must be visible enough that the readers do not need to adjust their eyes.

Here are some reasons from Zabisco why graphics are necessary to have a quality content:

Importance of high quality image
Source: www.zabisco.com

Attention-grabbing Headline
Majority of the people judge on the headline whether to read your article or not. Let’s face it. No matter how awesome your article is but your headline is unnoticeable and somehow insignificant, it won’t get read by the people. You will lose a lot of reader if your headline won’t be able to catch their attention. Remember, headline is the door to your article. By your headline, you are enticing the people to open your article. I know you have tried searching in google and I am pretty sure you will notice that there are millions of results. But you don’t have the time to open all the results. You only click on what catches your eyes, and that is how most of the people choose.

Interesting Intro
Right after the headline, people will read the introduction. The headline is your door while your introduction is the bridge to your point.  Upon opening the door of your article, the reader will then step in. They have to land on your introduction. The introduction must be able to convince or hook the people to go on and finish reading. It must be captivating and well organized. It gives them a warmth welcome of your article. The impression of the reader on your article is very important because it will either give you a pat on your back or a slap on your face.

Flawless grammar and spelling
In order to have a quality content, the grammar and spelling must be correct. It gives reader the assurance that your article is reliable. The readers, consumers and the marketer specifically are very keen to grammar. They will take you seriously and see you as a person who is committed and credible. They will trust you with the information you have given them. You will gain respect and authority from them.

Short and direct to the point
We are living in a world where people are very busy that they do not have enough time to read your whole article, if it is that long. In writing, focus on your goal. Do not give too much unnecessary words. Follow the ABC rule. Be accurate, brief and concise. Make sure your content is free from error.

You need content quality for your website to stand out because according to Nielsen Norman Group, you only have less than 20 seconds to attract your reader’s attention.

So what are you waiting for? Stop making a dull content and start making a quality content! But if you are having a hard time, don’t hesitate to contact us at nrcudis@gmail.com.