Our Favorite Writing Tips from Amazing Writers

By Mary Mae Edgilez Yburan

Have you asked yourself why you write? Do you write because other people compelled you to do so? Or do you write because you felt like it is your calling and following that so-called “calling” is the most wonderful thing to do?  

Writing is very complicated and exhausting; it is also somewhat solitary. It takes time and effort to accomplish one article. And sometimes, you’ll bump into Mr. Writer’s Block who doesn’t do anything other than keep you from finding the right words to write. You’ll end up just staring at your blank document, feeling quite frustrated.

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However, when writing becomes frustrating, we hold on to inspiration – to people who have experienced and overcame all the frustrations we are going through. So, let us inspire you by giving you our favorite writing tips from amazing writers: 

Practicing makes a writer, a good writer.

Don’t freak out if your writing is worse today. Writing is not an overnight process. Breathe, my dear friend. It is just a matter of practice. Just write and learn, as Jeff Goins, an author and blogger, puts it:

“Everything is practice. Every word you write and action you take is a chance to get better.”

Write for ourselves first before others. 

Thinking that we are writing for ourselves and not for others can make everything less harder because we wouldn’t be thinking of what others will say about our work. Founder of Public Beta Adii Pienaar once said:

“Write for yourself first & foremost. Ignore the fact that anyone else will read what you write; just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. Write it and they will come.”

Lower your expectations.

We usually set high expectations for ourselves. We expect so much attention for our work, and it becomes disappointing when we see that we aren’t paid much attention. In this case, Seth Godin, an author and blogger said:

“Lower your expectations. The happiest authors are the ones that don't expect much.”

Love your readers.

Our readers are our greatest treasures. Without them, our works are nothing, and more likely we wouldn’t be writing now. After we are taught of writing for ourselves first before others, it is high time to publish our work and see who’s going to read. Whether we like or not, reality check, we write for our readers and prospects.

Darren Rowse, a speaker, blogger, consultant, and founder of several blogs and blog networks like b5media, ProBlogger.net and digital-photography-school.com, said:

“Love the readers you already have. A lot of bloggers get quite obsessed with finding new readers – to the point that they ignore the ones they already have. Yes – do try to find new readers but spend time each day showing your current readers that you value them too and you’ll find that they will help you grow your blog.”

Each of us has a routine in writing. Believe.

We sometimes are doubtful of what we can do. That’s why we give up easily without giving ourselves a second chance. If you’re at your at your lowest point because you thought of yourself as a worst writer, here’s what Michael Hyatt, the former chairman and chief executive officer of Thomas Nelson Publishers, and blogger, said:

“You already have a ‘recipe’ for writing. You may not be conscious of it, and it may not be very good, but you do have a general procedure you follow when it’s time to write. The elements of that recipe can include where you write, what time of day, with what tools, etc.”


Whether we write for ourselves or for others, at the end of the day, it will always be about us loving the craft that pushes us to stand up, fight Mr. Writer’s Block, and finish everything up.

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