Website Must-Haves

By Mary Mae Edgilez Yburan
When you think that what you are doing with your web content is enough, think twice, because your efforts may not be truly enough. Think: Is your website’s design, elements and information serving you well and fulfilling your business’ objectives?
If you are filling your site with all the words you can think of without second thought, you might be scaring away existing and potential customers instead of converting them into your brand’s ambassadors.
We understand how you feel; a certain pressure can be prompted by competition for website views and visits and can drive you into frustration.
Here’s a tip: Never forget the basics.

Parts of a Website

Rather than keeping yourself abnormally busy counting the numbers of visits and views, take the time to review if your website has the following basic elements. Then you can move on to focusing on maintaining a page for relevant and engaging content.
Tell customers what your services are.
The first and the most basic thing you need to say is tell customers what services you are offering.
Let’s have a little story. Let’s say I am a prospect customer. I landed on your website because I want you to help me. I am searching for a good place to stay for my family’s upcoming vacation.
Since your website says that your company owns chains of hotels, I took the bait. But what I found in your website is all about your business, that you are a “world-class company that offers luxury hotels”, that “you could do everything for my vacation to be perfect”, and the like.  As a customer, I would get tired of reading this because I got to read a lot of that in other websites. I need specifics.
You could start writing what your company offers by asking yourself, “So what?”.
Show them what you’ve got.
The next thing I, as a prospect, would ask is how can I trust you? Considering several scamming schemes online, I need proof that your company is “world-class,” professional, credible, and reliable.
You can start by telling and showing them the feedback of past customers. Post their testimonials or what you have done to other clients. You can show me the awards you have garnered in the past years, which are proof of your high quality services. This is really important, especially if you want to win the trust of your prospective customers.

Tell them who you are.
After telling me that you are indeed sincere in giving good quality service through the words of past clients, this time, I need to know who you are.
In this area, you can tell me a brief—with emphasis on brief!—biography of your company. Or you can include a link that would get us to the page of your team. You can also add in the page photos of your people working, for your prospects like me (in this little story) to really trust you.
How would they contact you?

I am interested of asking for your services, so how could I contact you? How could I reach you? Do I have to call you, visit another web page of yours, or reach you through social media?
At the end of every web content you do, always make it sure that you included your contact information. You could include links of how they could contact you. They would appreciate it more if you will directly put your contact information at the end so that they will not have to click another link.
Show and tell them more.
Yes, you have told me enough, but could you give me more of what your company offers? I want to discover more about your company.

This part is most of the time shown through the call-to-action blog posts. So basically you could include another link that will lead your prospects to the other services your company offers. This very blog post I have written is an example of that.  
Parts of a Website 

Here is another example of web content. We made this for the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management of our client Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI):
With the Integrated Development unit at the helm, RAFI is also involved in relief response for disasters and calamities, distributing the following:
  • Various forms of assistance to the Typhoon Yolanda victims in Northern Cebu
  • Cash vouchers to 1,700 beneficiaries in Northern Samar for Typhoon Ruby
  • 2,000 relief goods for the victims of Typhoon Seniang in Southern Cebu

To support or help out in RAFI’s relief response, contact us, or to donate, follow the instructions in this link.
Note: We described it in simple terms, enumerated in bullet form the objectives and other important details, and at the end of the web content, we inserted a link in the words, “contact us” and “link”, that if clicked will lead you to the contact information of RAFI and the instructions on how one could donate.
The content is the most important part of your website. It is not really about the intriguing content which makes a website successful; it is how a company is able to extend its message to its prospect in a clear and brief manner.
Sounds like a piece of cake, right? You may start doing it now, but if you are still having a hard time, don’t hesitate to send the Memoriter an email at We would be happy to be of help out.