Resurrecting the Venerable Press Release

By Mary Mae Edgilez Yburan

Press release is not new to people working in public relations and marketing. Most likely, these people have written a press release or two in their lifetime. While writing this venerable piece of communication material is a familiar territory to many, creating it in a more affecting and creative way—adding a spice to the traditionally structured one—may sound hard to achieve.

Following the standard format to get more chances of release is not an excuse for you not to be creative. Being creative here means getting away from the dull black-and-white press release and venturing into out-of-the-box ideas of repackaging your press release without altering your news story.
Press Release Writing

So, here’s a list of suggestions from our chest on how you can repackage your press release in a more creative yet newsworthy way:
Use first-person pronoun instead of the standard third-person pronoun.
Yes, you read it right. Don’t freak out, ladies and gentlemen. Breath.
This is in the list of common mistakes in writing press releases, but Stacey Miller, senior social and media relations manager for Cision, said in her article that she find doing this creative with the potential to capture attention of readers, like her.
As Miller puts it, the creative format has a “storytelling aspect which (made) it captivating and easy to read.”
This clearly breaks the third-person rule but the common goal for people write press releases is to spread information and gain customers. If the senior social and media relations manager was captured by the press release, wouldn’t our audience’s and possible customers’ attention be likely captured, too?
Add multimedia elements like videos and images to your press release.
Adding multimedia elements to support your press release is like adding salt to your bland dish. In this new era when almost everything we see is high-definition visuals, the press release as well deserves one good accompaniment.
You can include relevant photos and videos to your press release. It could be one good eye-candy in order for your release to get noticed.
Surveys show that press releases  with multimedia elements like images get more views and get shared three times more often than the traditional text-only press releases. In addition, multimedia press releases has longer shelf life, about 20 days longer compared to 9-10 days for text-only press releases.
Repackage text-only press release into an audio news release.
People these days are so busy they can’t afford to waste even a second. So by repackaging your press release into an audio material, your audiences can listen to it while doing something else, like painting or doing the laundry. They can just hit the play button and listen to it. This is more convenient and less time consuming. People can do several tasks and still get updated.
Moreover, instead of sending a text-only press release, you just need to send a timed-script of your news release and a link to an MP3 audio file.  

Press releases are always helpful in disseminating information. However, you can’t just limit yourself to giving information simply in text. Tell a story about what your company does because at the end of the day, people may not remember you for the information you gave but they can remember stories; we’re naturally wired for storytelling. But what is a good story if the text gets buried under a pile of other press releases in text form. We’re now in the time when organizations are compelled to be creative and deliver messages through the clutter of stories in mainstream and new media.
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