Not all information is created equal

Information comes in many forms and delivered in different styles across various platforms. One person may find his brain more susceptible to processing information presented on television or shown in a photo story online. Whatever the case may be, professional writers must be flexible to the dynamic changes in the way information is delivered.

One of my favorite modes of presenting information is infographics. They are graphic visual representations of data, figures and other information that may be too complex or overwhelming for readers to process if presented in text form. I like how art and words come together to create a visually compelling resource for public consumption. For me, infographics are like mind maps with lots of colors.


Every time a client asks me to write a press release or feature related to their company, I would study the information they require first and provide suggestions on how information can be delivered. I know it sounds like I’m putting myself out of business, but I care for my clients and it is my hope that their key messages are communicated effectively.

During these moments of reckoning, depending on the information, I would put on the table infographics as another or additional way of presenting their messages, primarily because of the following reasons:

  • Infographics can get the attention of the target audience. If designed well by the artist and the writer, the reader may stay with the material from start to end and leave it with a new or refreshed piece of information about or related to your brand. Or the reader may find it so refreshing that he or she shares it on his or her social media channels.
  • In the process above, awareness of your brand is strengthened.

You may note a mention of collaboration between an artist and a writer in one of the reasons. Remember that not all graphic artists are storytellers and not all writers are good with art execution.

Case in point, before I left a four-year stint as Communication Specialist at Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI), I directed one of our artist-interns, Caesar, in the creation of a bright infographic for the RAFI Triennial Awards. We created this.

I look forward to another opportunity of working with clients and their artists to produce infographics that tell well their stories.