How to make newsletters work for your small business

In the digital world, a newsletter may seem out of place. Some people would even see it as a relic of a by-gone era, along with the radio or the mail. Be that as it may, a newsletter still has its benefits, when it is innovative and creative.

A newsletter contains the best of both worlds. It does not only deliver the “news” of an organization or a company, it also “speaks” like a letter, straight to your intended audience. Like in any kind of relationship, constant communication is crucial. You need to talk to your customers, to establish that very important rapport that your business requires. 

Ever wonder why CEOs of large companies now take the time to “talk” to their customers, in various channels and ways? Gone are the days of cold, faceless companies who just want your money. Relationships are fast becoming the by-word of the market.

Think what a newsletter could do for a small, starting company, in terms of the bond it wants to stimulate with your customers.  It establishes a more personal relationship with your customers, due to its habit-forming regularity. It has a more familiar and intimate feel, compared to cold, impersonal emails which can easily be directed to the spam or trash folders of your customers.

In a compact and engaging way, a newsletter can serve as both a promotional material to reach a wider market and a regular channel for your captured consumers. 

To reach a wider audience, you can make your newsletter work in tandem with your website by placing teasers and adverts which will direct them to more detailed information in your site.  A few engaging, well-placed articles that could spark the interest of potential customers can go a long way.  For those customers who have already purchased your products or made use of your services, they can easily browse through the newsletter for new offerings or updates.

Look at a newsletter as a trustworthy, savvy friend who can serve as your wingman, the one who plays up your best features to that person who just caught your eye in a bar. Your wingman, then, should be smooth enough to make you appealing, in the shortest time possible, without appearing rude or annoying.

Unlike pesky ads that just suddenly pop up in websites, newsletters have the advantage of being familiar and less intrusive.  You know that your newsletter will find its way to your target audience since it lacks the randomness of dismissible, emailed promo materials.

A newsletter can also increase credibility, especially to a budding business. Simple, articulate pieces on your company’s products and services, as well as its growth, can build consumer confidence and loyalty. Other articles that deliver innovations and exciting trends in fields related to your business can also be useful to your customers, giving the impression that you want to be as helpful as you can; that you value their time and attention. And that you do not just want to sell them your products and services. You care for them and their needs.  

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(with Karen Papellero)