Three reasons your company blog still matters today

Have you met a business owner who told you that he deleted his blog from his company website because online users these days don’t read blogs anymore, or that he opted to put the link to his blog in the most ambiguous corner or bottom of his website to emphasize his point? 

Oh, he is not alone. There are many other business owners who think the same way and do the same thing. So if blogs are not as important as they think they are, how come almost every business from the long line of Fortune 500 companies to micro-enterprises across the world created blogs, and are religiously maintaining them?

At this point, business owners need to evaluate their Internet marketing priorities and consider what experts are saying about blogging being more important today than ever before. Here are some of the reasons why your company blog still matters today, and why you need to invest in updating it:

1. Customers want to know you more.

Your website contains all the perfunctory details about your business and your products. But its atmosphere can be too stiff or too formal or too impersonal for a customer who wants to connect with you because they got attracted to your brand.

A blog is less formal than a news update found in the press room page of your website. With less formality, you can inform, engage, entertain, and connect with your readers—existing and potential clients—better about what you are doing. You can show off how your employees are happy at work and just as happy to serve your customers. You can share a charming true tale of customer loyalty or funny anecdotes behind your staff’s decoration experience of the Christmas tree in the lobby.

Blogs, if done right, can give your site more “purpose”, more “heart” in your online presence. Through this platform, you can leverage on initial consumers’ interest and turn them into loyal customers and even brand advocates.

2. Customers want to be assured.

More than 80 percent of consumers use search engines for purchase decisions. These consumers may already have your product in their minds but they need additional information to assure them that they will be buying the right thing.

What’s the best way to give them that assurance? You can cut short the crowded path of confusing product catalogs and lead them directly to your blog where you have ready and updated materials that resonate to them.

3. Customers want to see that your brand is still alive.

This means that by continuously updating a blog, you are boosting your page rankings on Google and direct more traffic to your site.

Blogs can also serve as a sort of “news feed” for your loyal and potential customers who are active on social media. Besides, who know your products better than you? While free user review sites are helpful, it is you, first and foremost, who can provide the correct information about your product. You can even post customers reviews on your blog (just make sure they are authentic, not paid).

Yes, keeping a company blog is beneficial. You get that. But you’re scratching your head now as to how to insert in your busy schedule the writing and posting process, especially when you appreciate the fact that blogging requires time, consistency, practice, and patience. This is where The Memoriter can come in to help you. Contact me ( and let’s talk about your blogging needs.