How’s A Company That Writes Press Releases

press release
by Daryl Kate Dizon

What better way to create noise for your company than building a better name for it with the help of a press release?

When a company starts, no one knows of it yet. But on its launching, there’s one thing that can best speak of your company. It is something that would give details on how different one’s company is from others - these are called press releases.

Press releases are not just mere articles that give details about your company, it is more than that. These press releases, or often coined as press release, could be your company’s knight and shining armor - it is there to help you out in whatever endeavors may come around

[TIPS] Lessons Learned From Writing Social Media Copies

by Faith Janine Gordillo

Writing a social media copy is as essential as writing a blog content. One simple mistake in your social media copy might lose you a potential client. This is why your social media copies shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Social media copies are simply the status update you write on your social media accounts. It is written or posted for the purpose of persuading existing and potential customers to purchase a product, a service or adopt a specific belief or idea. 

[Review] Why Writers At The Memoriter Love Canva

The Memoriter, Canva
by Mary Mae Edgilez Yburan

For storytelling to be effective, thoughts must be represented with beautifully crafted words. But as the world continues to grow visually, tapping the mind and heart with words alone is already not enough.

We need to craft a story that evokes the senses without using too much words. This is when visual images come in the picture.

Today, we crave for visual images as much as we crave for pizza and spaghetti. But people nowadays don’t just simply consume food (visual images) just because we told them it’s delicious. Part of serving great food is great presentation.

[TIPS] 10 Common Grammatical Errors Some Social Media Managers Overlook

social media copy, writing social media
by Daryl Kate Dizon

Let’s start the new year with some tips on how to improve your social media copies.

When we write social media copies, sometimes the ideas just come crashing in that it keep our flow in writing, smooth and going. Then we fail to notice that there are several grammatical errors in our content.
Notice the mistake? I bet it will let you read again. I’ve used “their” instead of “there”. And that is one really common grammatical error that some social media managers overlook.

[Q&A] Fast Talk With The Memoriter Team

The Memoriter Writing Service
by Valentina "Aling" Jakosalem/CIT-U Intern

In our previous post, Faith shares her experiences in managing social media accounts and how she manages her responsibilities as a student and part-time communications assistant at The Memoriter.

Now, it’s time to hear Mae’s story.

Who is Mae?

Mae Yburan is the communications specialist of The Memoriter Writing Service. She swims in a pool of words every day because she manages content.

Scroll down to know her thoughts.